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The school provides remedial teaching to under achieving children. The children may have to put in extra hours after the school or in holidays Parents will be required to ensure the presence of their words for remedial teaching. The school does not believe in the concept of FAIL or PASS. It strives to bring about desirable changes in every child.


The school will make utmost efforts to bring a child upto the standard by adopting the latest method of teaching. No child will generally need private tuition. If, however, due to long illness or any other unforseen event a child has legged behind, the school shall make arrangements for making the loss in studies on modest payment to be determined by the principal.


With a view to inculcate the habit of punctuality and to foster the sense of time, the school refuses admission of children to the class if they come late. The school gate shall be closed at 8:30/9:30 A.M. and child coming after the gate is closed, will be admitted only with the permission of the principal or an officer authorised by him. An entry of late arrival will be made in the pupils diary. Three such entries shall attract a fine of Rs. 10/- which shall be realised at the time of the next due collection. Such a fine shall be excused in very special circumstances. Absence without leave from the school will be viewed very seriously. No one absent on previous day shall be admitted class without a note in the diary by the parents or the authoriesed guardian Failure to do this may result in the child being sent home.Leave of absence will be granted if the pupil is sick or is attending such a social function as a marriage of brother, sister or close relatives. However no leave will be granted for any other matter than sickness at the monthly or terminal tests. Children not absent for more than two days in a session will rewarded.


A child can be withdrawn at any time except the monthly tuition fee for the month in which the withdrawal application is made, no extra charge is levied for mid-session withdrawal nor a refund is made on the fee and other dues deposited in the school. If the child is withdrawn in may dues up to june 30 will have to be paid.


Fees will be accepted from the 10th to the 15th of every month. If the fees have not been deposited by the 15th, a reminder will be sent to the guardian through the child. A fine of Rs. 10.00 will be imposed if the fees are paid between the 15th and the 20th. If the fee is deposited between 20th to 30th. Rs.30/- will be charged as fine. In the event of non-payment of fees on or before the 30th, the name of the child will be struck of the rolls. Readmission will be made on the payment of the arrear dues plus Rs. 130.00 for each calendar month of de-fault. No child will be allowed to appear at the terminal Examination unless all the dues for the term have been cleared. Fees for the month of June will have to be paid along with the Fees of May. Special fees such as games, Library and examination etc. Will have to be paid along with the fee at the time of admission or in the month of April incase the child is already a student of the school. The rate of the fees will be determined by the management and announced in advance.


Pupils are not expected to answer phone calls from the guardian or others. However, the principal will pass on the child any message that received. No message regarding calling of child to any place will be passed on the the child. Parents having telephone should communicate the phone number to the principal and the rest should give the telephone number from which a message in an emergency can be passed to the guardian.


A first aid box with necessary material is kept in the school and in case of accident the child is given the first aid. If the injury is of a serious nature, the guardian of the pupil will be informed by the quickest means possible. Once the child has been sent home all medical expenses shall be borne by the parents.


Parents are welcome to meet the principal and the teachers with the permission of the principal, However they are not permitted to go round the glass rooms of their own and disturb the working of the school. In case some parents want to see school at work, the principal, if free will take them round and answer to their queries. Parent teacher conference will be held, once a year on the conclusion of the Founder’s Week and at the end of the school session. In these conferences, the parents will be expected to make constructive comments on the working of the school offer suggestions for improvements. Every effort will be made to implement practicable suggestions.


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